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A Walk in Their Boots Staff Contacts

Chad Bogart - 18th Century - Colonial Period - Chad, a fixture in Northeast Tennessee Living History has been reenacting the Colonial Period for all of his adult life.  Joining the event staff in 2014, his focus has been leading the participation of nearly 60 living historians of the Colonial Era at A Walk in Their Boots.  Want to know something about the Over the Mountain Men and the Battle of Kings Mountain, look no further as Chad is the resident expert on this area's Early American History.  Outside the event, you can find Chad at the Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park, Elizabethton Tennessee.


Phillip Bishop - 19th Century - Civil War Area Coordinator - Phillip has been involved in multi era reenacting for over 34 years which includes the Revolutionary War, the American Civil War, and World War II.  Beginning in 2013, Phillip has been actively involved in planning and coordinating of A Walk in Their Boots focusing upon the Civil War Era and overall event coordination.  He is the current commander of the 26th Tennessee Infantry, CSA, and the 6th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, US, Civil War Reenactment units.



Paul Morrison - Event Founder and Coordinator a - Paul is the father of the Walk in Their Boots event.  Recognizing the need to highlight military service of veterans of all eras, Paul organized the first AWiTB's event in 2011.   A living historian portraying little known units of the Second World War, Paul's dedication and passion for education and awareness was the driving force in establishment of this event.   Paul also is a veteran of the Tennessee National Guard.



Johnathan Morrison - WWI / WWII / Korea and Vietnam Era Coordinator - Following in his father Paul's footsteps, Johnathan has taken on the role of coordinating all the Vietnam Era activities and the lead on our tactical demonstration.   Johnathan is the youngest member of our staff but comes to the event with a wealth of experience and knowledge learning from the ground up from his father Paul.



Robert Barnes - Modern Era - Post Vietnam Era - Robert formally joined our staff after the 2016 event setting his sights on establishing a Desert Shield / Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and current day display area. Robert served for 21 years in the 101st Airborne Division and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience of the more recent past.  Near to present day veterans of the post Vietnam Era are encouraged to contact Robert to assist in Robert's area so this crucial area of American History is honored and remembered at the event. 


Jeffery Campbell - 2018 Volunteer Coordinator and Special Event Coordinator   - Jeffery joined the event staff in 2016 serving as volunteer coordinator.  He oversees the volunteer needs of the event so that all who attend have a great time in a safe and clean atmosphere.  If your group, Scout Troop, Church, School or individual wanting to help A Walk in Their Boots, Jeff will gladly find a role for you.    Jeff has been a living historian specializing in the American Civil War and WWII at events throughout the country for the past several years.  In 2018 Jeff is taking on the additional responsibilities of leading special event coordination for 2018.


Eric P. Montgomery - Veteran Program Coordinator - Reenacting World War II since 2003, Eric joined the staff of AWiTB's in 2015 serving as the events liaison with veterans from all eras and event coordination.  Eric was the keynote speaker at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford Virginia on June 6th, 2012, and also leads the nations largest WWII Veteran Program at the worlds largest D-Day recreation in Conneaut Ohio named D-Day Conneaut.  Eric is also involved with many local, national and international events pertaining to D-Day and is also a part of the Carter County Tennessee Honor Guard.  If you are a veteran and are planning on attending this event, please contact Eric or visit the Veterans Page for details pertaining to the Veteran Program at A Walk in Their Boots.

Want to join our team?  Please send anyone of the above staff members an email for information on how you too can be a part of the planning and coordination of this great and growing living history event.


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