Living Historians and Reenactors based in Northeastern Tennessee offering the public a glimpse of what life was like in another time!

Donations "In Kind" Accepted

A Walk in Their Boots has grown steadily since its humble beginnings in 2012.  With that so too have our needs for support of all kinds. We are willing to seek 501c3 status as a non-profit organization but need help in completing the legal documents and funding the application fee.  However, donations can only be accepted "in kind", so in other words specific items donated to help us in providing the tools and resources needed to conduct the event and help it grow.

Out-of-pocket expenses for holding the event are shouldered by members of the planning committee.   Those items included the printing of flyers and posters, purchasing the web site domain and hosting plan, printing of veteran letters of invitation and the postage required to mail them. 

Various businesses, Big John’s Close Outs, Chick-fil-A, Edward Jones Investments, Food City, Ingles Markets, and Walmart, which are also listed on our Sponsorship Page, provided the food and beverages needed to host our first annual Veteran Luncheon.  Our partners in Veteran Hospitality, Borderview Christian Church of Elizabethton Tennessee provided the volunteer manpower and means to cook and serve meals for our veteran guests and their family members.  For those items not covered by donations, individual members of Borderview Christian and our event staff bore the remaining expense.  In years past (pre-Covid), nearly 200 meals were served to our honored veterans and their families.

With growing needs in both volunteers and basic resources will stretch us in every aspect so we need your support!

Our needs for the following essential items will help us support our mission in honoring our Veterans;

For Veteran Outreach:

  • Business Class Size Envelopes to mail Veteran Invitations to registered Veterans
  • 8-1/2" x 11" Standard Paper for the Veteran Invitation mailer
  • Printing of the Veteran Invitation
  • First Class Postage Stamps

For Saturday's Veteran Luncheon:

  • Hot Dogs, Buns, Ketchup, Mustard, Onions, Baked Beans, Sweet Cole Slaw
  • Cupcakes, Cookies, Candy, Cakes
  • Beverages - Iced Tea, Bottled Water, Soft Drinks, Hot Chocolate, Ice
  • Plastic Plates, Utensils and Cups - Napkins - Basic Cleaning Supplies

For Event Logistics and Basic Needs:

  • Large Garbage Can Liners
  • Printing of Event Literature; Posters and Fliers, On-Site Signage, Visitor Schedules and Maps
  • Bathroom Tissue and Paper Towels
  • Firewood

If you or your business can help with any or all of the above we would be most grateful.  Please kindly contact by email Jeff Campbell or by giving him a call at 423-282-2829.   We thank you for your support and consideration in helping us to make our event another success!

Learn how your organization can help us grow by visiting our Sponsorship Information Page!