Living Historians and Reenactors based in Northeastern Tennessee offering the public a glimpse of what life was like in another time!

2020 Education Day - Friday Only!
November 6th, 2020

Educators interested in having their students attend this very special program, please contact by email Jeffery Campbell or by calling him at 423-282-2829

Our 2020 Education Day is open to any student in public, private or home-schooled programs from the 5th Grade through High School.  In 2018, approximately 230 students attended.  JROTC programs are highly encouraged to attend as well as many local schools have thriving Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force programs within the High School setting.  We also encourage students from local universities also take part in engaging our living historians on a higher level.  Senior Citizen groups are also encouraged to attend this day to afford them a more relaxed atmosphere to interact with our reenactors.  Educators and university students are encouraged to work with our reenactors in developing lesson plans pre and post event to assure that the student's experience is fully fulfilled.   The Education Day Program begins Friday November 7th, 2020.  Lunch in the field is up to each group or individual to coordinate on their own.  Educators interested in having their students attend this very special program, please contact by email Jeffery Campbell or by calling him at 423-282-2829.  We hope you take advantage of this great part of our annual program!

In 2017, A Walk in Their Boots held our second annual Education Day.  Approximately 110 students experienced first person impressions of Frontier Life during the American Revolution, Battlefield Medicine and Mess during the Civil War, Communications Equipment used on the shores of Normandy and the European Theater during World War Two, the Vietnam War, Enduring Freedom and modern readiness here at home.  Children spent 10 to 15 minutes in each area as experienced living historians presented in character the use of equipment vital to each and every Soldier and Sailor.  The children were encouraged to ask questions and interact with the reenactors as they provided their historical impressions.  Certainly a very unique experience for all.

Living Historians portraying Frontier Soldiers and Civil War Battlefield Medicine prepare to receive children
at the 2017 event at the Tipton Haynes State Historic Site...


Living Historians present a Civil War Mess and preparations for the Invasion of France in 1944.


Living Historians present communication equipment and infantry equipment from Normandy to victory in Germany.


Living Historians portray soldiers of the Vietnam Era and a Veteran of Iraqi and Enduring Freedom display their wares.

Topping off this very unique educational experience was a presentation by United States Navy Veteran of World War II, Duard Walker, who was a landing force commander in the south pacific.  Duard, a former educator, gave an historical presentation concerning WWII, his role and the importance of patriotism in today's world.


A modern soldier displays his specialized radio truck and WWII Veteran Duard Walker addresses the children
as they enjoy their lunch while listening intently to Mr. Walker