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Reenactors, Living Historians and Attendees of "A Walk in Their Boots" 2023

Due to new legislation passed by the Tennessee Historical Commission, and other appropriate parties presiding over state historic sites and parks, some new rules about the use of firearms, blanks, and battle re-enactments will be in place for the 2023 "A Walk in Their Books" event. We want to reiterate that these new rules are coming from Nashville, and do not reflect the interests of the Tipton Haynes State Historic Site or the event board. We have worked diligently to ensure we can have the best event possible under these circumstances. Please ensure that yourself, and your unit members, are following these new procedures to a "T," and showing the state the quality and professional nature of our hobby!
  1. Battle Re-enactments will be cancelled this year. In place of this we will be working on setting up interactive displays for the public to engage in.
  2. No firing demonstrations of any kind. The weapons demo will be conducted by Samuel Hyde, and will include the displaying, showing, and discussion of important American armaments over the ages.
  3. Absolutely NO blanks, powder, or caps of any kind will be permitted on the event site. No discharging of arms of any kind will be permitted at the event. Failure to comply with this hard rule will require us to kindly ask you to leave.
  4. There will be a firearms safety check at 9:00 AM sharp both Saturday and Sunday of the event. This includes all types of firearms, from muskets to M1’s. Failure to be at the safety check will mean you may not have arms at the event for that day. You could bring them back for the check on the next day.
  5. During the event, firearms cannot be handled by spectators or reenactors alike. Firearms are to be displayed on tables, stacked arms, or on rifle racks in museum-style displays only.
  6. Bladed weapons, IE bayonets, swords, etc. must be displayed in scabbards only.
  7. Any attendees handling arms at displays must be a minimum or 21 years old, and must meet the requirements of the state’s constitutional carry rules.
It is very important to make sure these rules are met. There will be representation from the THC and state at the event, making sure these new procedures are upheld. Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation, and we hope to still have you out this weekend to support and remember our veterans while putting on quality living history displays!

Thank you for honoring our veterans and being a part of this special event!

We certainly could not put on such an outstanding event without your participation, your financial investment and your attention to historical detail!

Appearance and Conduct:
It is important that all reenactors READ and ADHERE to the specific guidelines pertaining to your impression and time period as specified by your unit command.   The event staff encourages every reenactor to take part in the Flag Raising and Retirement Ceremony.  We also encourage you to help younger reenactors gain their living historian status.  Yes, there is a difference and "veterans" of living history are encouraged to help those just joining the hobby gain the knowledge and perspective of doing it right respectfully.

If you have any questions please contact the area contacts listed below.

Revolutionary War Period - 18th Century Impressions
Contact: Chad Bogart (

Civil War Period and 19th Century Impressions
Contact: Phillip Bishop (
Reenactors: Civil War Period Guidelines
Scenario: Battle of Stoneman's Raid

20th Century Era Impressions
Contact: Johnathan Morrison (
Safety Regulations - Allies Guidelines - Axis Guidelines
Vietnam Era Guidelines
Scenarios: Pending

Desert Shield/Storm and 21st Century Impressions
Contact: Ned Philips
Modern Era Registration and Information Form