Living Historians and Reenactors based in Northeastern Tennessee offering the public a glimpse of what life was like in another time!

Event Sponsorship

Since its inception in 2012, A Walk in Their Boots has experienced significant growth in participation, attendance and historical offerings.  From what was a small gathering of like minded living historians set upon displaying and depicting those who have served our nation's history, the event has grown from fielding a handful of reenactors to fielding over 75 historical reenactors in 2016 and 2017.  Our educational objective has been simple; to honor those who have served our country by protecting our land, families and ideals across the centuries.  As a nation we may not have always agreed with one another but we are today proudly telling their stories through first person impressions, through the display of field gear and equipment, and the tactics used on the battlefields here at home and across the globe.  We ask for your support in this calling so that history is not forgotten nor the sacrifices of those whose have paid the ultimate price for liberty and freedom. 

Although we explored but have yet to apply for and acquire non-profit status, we still need your help and support.  First, by spreading the word about this great event and second, by working with our planning committee to develop a long term plan of accelerating this event one of the best in the nation.  Our reenactors and principle planners have made great strides in providing the public a living history experience at A Walk in Their Boots thus far but we are eager to do more for our veterans, their legacy and public awareness. 

In 2016 and 2017, at our 1st and 2nd annual Education Day, nearly 600 school children were given a glimpse of what it was like to be a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine over America's military history.  Also in 2016 and 2017, veterans as well, from WWII to present day were honored at our first formal Veteran Program where we provided a forum in which they could share their stories of heroism, honor and dedication to duty.  These honored veterans were also treated to complimentary meals and first class treatment during the entire event.

In 2017, A Walk in Their Boots became one of the few historical reenactments in the country to feature a combat simulation of the Vietnam War.  Combat veterans of the conflict were impressed with the reenactors and the the story being told.  Of the veterans in attendance in 2016, 30% were veterans of the Vietnam War and another 25% were veterans which served in the intervening "Cold War" era prior to and immediately following our involvement in South East Asia.  It is our objective to honor their service by telling their story, best as we can, as we remember the 50th Anniversary of major military events of that time.

A variety of the businesses did help us with our 2017 event and those are listed our event sponsor page.   Without them, we could have not provided our first annual Veteran Luncheon.  But we would like to do more and have the means to provide the public with access to a more immersive experience.

Some of these possibilities include:

➤ A flyover from an historic airplane or helicopter
➤ A static display of armor and heavier field equipment
➤ The means to reach out to a wider veteran audience
➤ Assistance with the needs of the reenactors such as food, water and blank ammunition
➤ The loaning of a sound system for broadcasting background information during tactical demonstrations

Obviously some of these will require financial support and would at this time have to come from private contributors looking to help make a big impact at the event.  Yet in the interim donations "in kind" are graciously accepted.  A short list of those needs can be found on our Event Donations page. 

These bigger ticket items, and the means to advertise on radio, television, print and social media all all part of the growing pains of A Walk in Their Boots.  The economic benefit to the Tri-Cities region can be easily estimated, but the value of this event, especially to the living veterans that we so honor, is priceless.   We encourage you to step forward in helping us in honoring them and those whose legacy we so boldly choose to remember.

If you or your business can help with any or all of the above or with providing those items listed on the Donation Page, please contact by email Jeff Campbell or by calling him at 423-282-2829.   On behalf of our planning group and our living historians we thank you for your consideration and support!

Help us by becoming a volunteer by visiting our Event Help Page!