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2018 Vietnam Battle Scenario Background
The "Tet" Offensive

A Walk in Their Boots is proud to announce that for the second annual year, we will be honoring the proud legacy of our veterans who served in the Vietnam War.  Each year we will be highlighting significant events during the Vietnam War coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of the War.  A recycling 5 year commemoration of signature events, beginning in 1967, will be the focus of reenactors portraying that pivotal moment in history.  Vietnam Era reenactors are few, and even fewer that portray the then enemy, but we will do our best to honor the legacy and service of those who lived in one of the most difficult times in American history. 

The Scenario Plan at the 2018 Event

30 January, 1968 @ 2100 hrs.

As the rumors of a cease fire agreement became reality in early 1968, the entirety of South Vietnam has relaxed and our GI's are taking advantage of the rest period. Unfortunately, the Viet Cong has been planning in cooperation with the North Vietnamese Army to launch a massive military strike against any and all military installations and major cities in South Vietnam. Coinciding with the Vietnamese New Year holiday known as "Tet", their attack is imminent.

Our scenario begins as a team of Military Policemen have set up a mobile checkpoint between the two shacks in the bottom of the battle area to monitor enemy movements.  A Vietnamese local is off to the side lighting firecrackers to celebrate the Tet holiday and draw the GI's attention as a group of VC begin to appear crawling toward the American checkpoint.  Suddenly, the Americans are alerted to the possible enemy and request an illumination flare to light the field.  As the flare bursts, the now spotted VC begin to charge the position and a firefight ensues.

The American checkpoint team radios for reinforcements and continues the fight suffering a casualty. More Americans arrive via truck and begin to push the Vietnamese back. The VC disengage and pull back to the safety of the hill to their rear. The Americans, after gaining control of the area in front of the bridge, begin to police up enemy casualties and weapons while tending to their own wounded.  Scenario closes.

If you are a reenactor or even a veteran that would like to participate in this unique scenario we urge you to contact Johnathan Morrison who is taking the lead in assembling the Vietnam scenario.  If you are a veteran of the Vietnam war and want to share your experience in Vietnam with the public, please contact us.